Top 12

21 contestants sang during Duets Night. Meet the Top 12 that made it through!

Nick Baxter


     “I am a freshman from at University of the Cumberlands, majoring in Chemistry with a Pre-Pharmacy emphasis. I am from Corbin, KY. I work at my local pharmacy as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, as well as serve as a worship minister intern at my church, Freedom Point Church of God, and Worship Minister Intern. I like to hang out with family and friends in my free time and play music and sing.”


Trey Bryant

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     “Hey guys! My name is Trey Bryant. I’m a junior here at the University of the Cumberlands. I’m an accounting major and a church planting minor. Music is a huge part of my life and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this competition this year.”


Joey Fiefhaus


     “Hey. My name is Joseph Fiefhaus, but I go by Joey. I am a 21 year old junior here at UC. I am a political science major with aspirations to go to law school. To sum me up, I am an avid musician, soccer player, and Christ follower. Music is my passion and I love to play and write. Soccer is something I love to do and I play here at UC. I am also a Christian and am actively involved with my church. I play drums in the worship band as well as hold the position as Youth Pastor. My goals in life is to make a difference, do great things, and have fun.”


Seth Hale


     “Hi, my name is Seth, and I’m from Corbin, Kentucky. I’m majoring in Art and minoring in Integrated Digital Communication. I love going to church, spending time with my girlfriend Jessica, playing soccer, being artsy and cooking. My passion in life is music, soccer, making people smile, and serving God!”


Slade Lambert


     “My name is Slade Lambert and I am a sophomore at UC. I am majoring in applied physics. I play football and wrestle at UC as well.”


Nikki Marietta


     “So my name is Nikki. I live in Cincinnati, OH. I have 3 older sisters so I’ve learned really great places to hide my clothes. I lead worship at my home church (as well as children’s ministry) along with a church down here. I plan to be a music therapist after completing my double majors in church music and psychology…that is if I’m unable to accomplish my dream: leading worship all around the world in a band. Just spreading God’s glory to all. You can catch me making some amazing faces almost 24/7. And never leave me bored because I will make a rocket ship or something stupid. #ImNeverAwkward”


Maya Nelson


     “There’s too much to tell. Find out more at Spotlight!”

Krystal Roberson


     “There’s too much to tell. Find out more at Spotlight!”

Elizabeth Steward


     “There’s too much to tell. Find out more at Spotlight!”

Kristen Swords


     “I am Kristen Swords but to most of my friends I am known as Mississippi. I am from the small town of Ecru, Mississippi (yes, Williamsburg is huge compared to there!). I am double majoring in Exercise Sports Science and Public Health. I am also on the archery team.”

Kelsley Wilkinson


     “I’m Kelsley from Miami, Florida. If you don’t know me, you might have seen me at point guard during a men’s basketball game. I’m a Communications Major and a Criminal Justice Minor, and one day I hope to be an ESPN Sportscaster. #BeachLover”

Alex Withers


     “My name is Alex Withers, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Shepherdsville, Kentucky. I’m majoring in human services and minoring in art and education. I also love cats, am addicted to coffee, and my Amortentia potion would smell like new books, rain, and chocolate.

Top 12