Backstage Crew



Ben Call


Cameron Smoak

Zach Culver

Interviews and Facebook:

Brody Nolan

Dakota Byrd

Aryn Bowling 


Stage Director- Jeff Roberson

J.D. Morgan

Michael Garnon

Courtney Hixson

Chase Nelson

Caitlyn Howell

 Natalye Gallagher


Lighting Director- Jonathan Estes

Kevin Baker

Rebecca Nicholson

Haley Ferguson (Twitter)


Contestants Liaison & Instagram:

Jay Sanksakulchai

Haley Haygood


Sara Forbeck

Morgan Huenergarde

Logan Woodrum

Shawn Shelton (Judges Liaison)

The After Show:

Host- Jonathan Estes

Director- Cameron Smoak

Camera- Aryn Bowling

Camera- Michael Garnon

Backstage Interviews

Host- Aryn Bowling

Camera- Sara Donahue

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