Jordyne Carmack


Victor Andzulis

Department: Music

Mr. Andzulis joined the UC faculty in the spring of 2016 where he teaches class piano and applied lessons. He also serves as collaborative pianist for student and faculty performances as well as the Chamber Choir and Chorale.  He has also served on the faculties of the University of West Florida, Olive Baptist School of Performing Arts, Trinitas Christian School, and Pensacola Christian Academy, and for several years maintained a successful private studio in Pensacola, FL.

Mr. Andzulis completed the Master of Music in Collaborative Keyboard degree from the University of South Alabama where he studied under Dr. Robert Holm. He also holds the Master of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Arts in Church Music from Pensacola Christian College where he studied piano with Dr. Pitagoras Goncalves, Dr. Amy Bombard, and Mrs. Daisy de Luca Jaffe.


Michael Dickman

Department: Communication Arts, Journalism

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