inverviews with estes-rottenberger

Last Tuesday, the Season Three Top Twelve took the stage one last time before three of the contestants were eliminated.  Christin Rottenberger kicked the night off with her rendition of “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake.  “Mirrors” would be Christin’s last performance as a season three contestant.  She was one of the contestants eliminated at the end of the show.  I recently spoke with Christin about her elimination and her overall experience on The Spotlight.

Jonathan:  You chose two very popular songs after making it into the top twelve (“Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake & “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele), why did you choose those songs instead of songs that would have been more of the “middle of the road” category?

Christin: I chose popular songs because I know that’s what the crowd would enjoy. I didn’t want to get up on stage and perform something that only a few people would know. I know as a person who was in the audience last year, hearing songs you don’t know is kind of awkward and boring.

Jonathan:  How was your experience in Spotlight? What could you have done to make the experience better?

Christin: I really enjoyed my time in Spotlight! I thought it was so fun to get on stage and perform in front of people again. I probably could have tried to make the songs a little more my own, though. I kind of felt like I was just going up there and singing karaoke to a bunch of college students. That’s something I’ll have to work on for next time.

Jonathan: So, It sounds like you plan on auditioning for Spotlight again?

Christin: I’m definitely considering auditioning again next year! If not next year, I’ll do it again my senior year. I can take this next year to grow as a performer and hopefully come back better than ever.

Jonathan: Did you have any songs picked out for the rest of the season? If so, what were they?

Christin: I had contemplated doing RESPECT by Aretha Franklin for the next round since it’s such a pump-up song that everyone knows. The last two rounds are Judge and CAB pick, though. So my fate would’ve been in their hands had I proceeded.

Christin Rottenberger is a sophomore from Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is a Journalism major and works for The Patriot Newspaper as the Design Editor.  Her musical influences include Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, and Nick Jonas.   

Jonathan Estes, Spotlight Lighting Director & CAB Crew Member

– Additional writing by Jonathan Lawson, Campus Activities Board Graduate Assistant

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