The Spotlight Season 3


The Top 12



Kathleen Kovach

“I am 19 years old. I am a Psychology and Youth/Family ministry major from London, Ky. I am a sophomore this semester and will be graduating in 2017. I want to do Marriage counseling when I graduate. I started singing in middle school and have been ever since. I sing at my church and am very active on campus with Campus Ministries. I auditioned for Spotlight on a whim and am completely out of my comfort zone! But God has blessed me to be able to participate with Spotlight and I am thankful for this experience.”

 (Top 12, Eliminated during “Opposites Night” on Feb. 24)



Junior DeVeaux

I am 22 years old from Miami, FL. I am a senior majoring in Communication and minor in Exercise Science here at UC. After I finish here I will be going into the field of Broadcasting and hopefully one day work for ESPN. I also play football here, and a major hit on the radio station here on campus. I never thought I would get back into the world of music, as I was putting that part of me in the past and was pursuing other things. But now that I am in this competition, I will show everyone another side of me as I hope to entertain the crowds on Spotlight. So stay tuned and be prepared for what I have to offer for this show.”



Jessica Villegas

“Hey! I’m from the city of Baldwin Park in sunny Southern California. I am 18 years old and a freshman here at UC. Biology is my major but music has always been my passion in life. I can be very shy and quiet around campus, but once I start singing, I feel like the only person in the world. One major thing I want to be able to do in this competition is share that same feeling that I get with everyone here at UC and to just have fun with it.”



Shantel Buchner

“Hey! I spent my first 6 years in Michigan and then moved to Kentucky. I currently live in Bardstown, Kentucky. I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. I am double majoring in Spanish and Human Services. I love summer and anything outside, traveling, games and being with people that I love. I am thankful to be in this competition and I am excited for the fun and challenges that it will bring!”




Trey Bryant

“Hey guys!  I’m a sophomore at UC and I am 19 years old. God always comes first for me. My first experience with singing was leading worship. I can’t wait to get out there and show you guys the talent that God has blessed me with.”




Christin Rottenberger

​”I’m a 19-year-old Journalism/PR major from Cincinnati, Ohio. I live vicariously through celebrities and social media. If it’s mainstream I’m probably a fan of it in some way, shape, or form. Music and my friends are my life. I’m constantly singing whether it’s while I’m walking to class, in the shower, or even as I’m trying to sleep. It’s kind of a problem. Being on stage is something I have always had fun doing, so why not do it at Cumberlands and show everyone what I’m made of?”

 (Top 12, Eliminated during “Opposites Night” on Feb. 24)




Tim Smith

“I’m a junior here at UC. I plan on finishing my bachelor’s in history and pursuing a career as a high school social studies teacher. I have played piano for most of my life but have only been singing in front of people since my first spotlight performance. It may not seem like a lot but winning $1,000 would go a long way so thank you to everyone that votes for me this season. I thank God so much for the blessing of music that he has given me.”

(Top 9, Eliminated on Royalty Night March 10th)



Sara Jo Hampton

“I am the 19 year old daughter of Kelli and Joe Hampton and have lived in Williamsburg all my life. I am a sophomore with a double major of History and Political Science here at UC. My love of music began at a very early age; I was singing by age 2 and playing piano by age 6. While attending Williamsburg High School, I was selected for the SKMA All-Festival Choir all four years and the KMEA All-State Choir three years. Although I like most music, country is where my heart is. Trying out for Spotlight has given me the opportunity to share my love of being on stage and singing for my audience.”


 Jimmy2Jimmy Deaton

Biography not provided.


Lauren Leever

“I was born and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. This is my first year here, I am a transfer Junior, and I am majoring in biology. I am also a member of the swim team here at UC. I have a love for swimming, music, puppies, and I may have a slight obsession with Ed Sheeran.” 

(Top 9, Eliminated on Royalty Night March 10th)




Ashley Dixson

“If you don’t stand for what you believe, you’ll fall for anything. Speak you’re heart and if they don’t understand then the message was never meant for them anyways. Ohio against the world.”

 (Top 12, Eliminated during “Opposites Night” on Feb. 24)




Ben Call

“Ben is 19 years old from West Chester, Ohio. On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him. His hands feel like rich, brown suede, which allow him to bowl overhand. Mosquitos refuse to bite him out of respect and due to his blood smelling like cologne. He has won the lifetime achievement award, twice. In museums, he is allowed to touch the art. If he were to mail you a letter without postage, it would still get to you! And while he doesn’t often drink pop, he prefers Coca-Cola products. Ben is also thankful for this opportunity and hopes that you enjoy the competition!”

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