Cassie Waldon

My name’s Cassie Walden. I’m from right here in Williamsburg, Kentucky, and I went to Whitley County High School. MY favorite color is pink, I have a yorkie-poo named Annie, and I drive an awesome blue PT Cruiser. I am currently 18 years old and have loved to sing for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite types of music to sing is bluegrass, especially Alison Krauss. In high school, we had a competition called “Whitley Idol” which I participated in all four years I was able to. When I was presented with the opportunity to do the same thing only Cumberland’s version, I figured why not?



Rachel Humfleet

I am Rachel Kristen Humfleet I was born in Corbin, Kentucky. I was raised a country girl with baptist beliefs. This is my first time singing ever in front of an audience. I love all types of music from jazz to rock.



Sara Jo Hampton

My name is Sara Jo Hampton, I am the 18 year old daughter of Kelli and Joe Hampton and have lived in Williamsburg all my life . I am a Freshman with a double major of History and Political Science here at UC. My love of music began at a very early age, I was singing by age 2 and playing piano by age 6. While attending Williamsburg High School, I was selected for the SKMA All-Festival Choir all four years and the KMEA All-State Choir three years. Although I like most music, country is where my heart is. Trying out for Spotlight has given me the opportunity to share my love of being on stage and singing for my audience.



Shawn Nelson

Hi my name is Shawn Nelson, I’m 19 and a freshman. I’m relatively new to singing and performing with singing but have been performing with instruments for many years now. I’m a vocal major here and wish to one day be the lead singer of a band. Part of the reason I’m doing spotlight is to see if this dream is possible.



Tim Smith

My name is Tim Smith. I’m a sophmore at UC and I want to become a middle school science teacher upon graduating. First in life is God. Without God’s blessing, I wouldn’t have the ability to perform in Spotlight. Aside from my faith, family, and friends, I like to spend my time with music. Singing and playing the piano is a way that I express who I am. A big shout out to everyone that votes for me throughout the competition.



Jordan Infield

Hey! I’m Jordan Infield and my story begins in Augusta, Georgia as this is where I was born and raised for the first 13 years of my life. I moved to Knoxville, TN in 2005 and this is where my family and I currently live. I can honestly say I love my family and I am so thankful for them. I am a senior at Cumberlands graduating this spring with a missions & ministry major in Christian studies and a music minor. I am getting married on May 24, 2014 to the most amazing woman ever – Kelsey Day. The biggest reason I am participating in Spotlight is to simply share my love for performing music with so many amazing people. I believe God has given me the ability to do this so I want to use my musical abilities to the max and give Him the glory while doing this.



Haley Haygood

Hey, I’m Haley Haygood, a Freshman here at UC. I came all the way from Southwest Mississippi to major in Biology. Like any Southern gal, I like my men strong, and my tea stronger, but my heart belongs to sports, mini double-fudge cookie dough blizzards, and my dog, Jack. I chose to audition for spotlight because I’d rather say “Oh well” than “What if.”



Ashley Dixson

Hi I’m Ashley Dixson! I am 21 years old and I am from Columbus, Ohio. My major is Psychology but my heart belongs to writing music and poetry. If I don’t have a dream, I don’t have anything, so I’m chasing every dream and living them as reality.



Brandy Norman

Hi guys, I’m Brandy Norman. I’m from Carlisle, KY and I’m a senior here at UC. I am majoring in communication arts with a minor in journalism and I’ll be graduating in May. Yay! I am a UC cheerleader, a staff writer for The Patriot and a UC Campus Ambassador. I love my busy life and I’m so thankful for the opportunities UC has provided me, especially Spotlight. Singing is my favorite thing to do and I feel like God blessed me with a gift that I have to use so that’s what I’m going to do. I hope ya’ll enjoy this season! :)



Sydney Freeman

I’m Sydney Freeman. I run cross-country and track at UC, and I am an English and Pol. Sci. Major with a minor in journalism! I love music, and I’ve been playing piano since I was little! I also love cartoons, art, my amazing friends, my family, and Jesus.



Ezra Anderson<a

Ezra Keegan Anderson
St. Louis Mo. (later years in life-Florissant)
Major psychology Minor theater
I would like to win to show people, just because you don’t fit the mold doesn’t mean the mold correct…sometimes change is needed, So people can grow as change occurs.



Chloe Fogle

Hey, I’m Chloe Fogle. I am a freshman here at the Cumberland’s and am studying Elementary Education and minoring in missions and ministries. #SpeadingHisLove #LoveKidsErrday I live in London, Kentucky but am originally from Georgia. I have a sweet five year old brother and a precious 4 month old sister, who light up my world like nobody else. As for why I tried out for Spotlight, I really just enjoy singing and always catch myself singing in the mundane moments of life. I always have a song in my heart and can’t help but share it.

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